How to Change User Name on Minecraft on all platforms? (Example)

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Minecraft is one games that greater customization allows its users. This literally them lets do anything within the game , but also give him the opportunity to change his nickname altogether. With this in mind today you will learn to change the username on Minecraft on all platforms.

And, if something is important in a title, is that you can differentiate yourself from your peers with a name or tag different. Because no one wants to be called equal to the other or go using his own skin (hence all choose to do or create an own skin). Thanks to that Mojang are geniuses, since time can create a name and put it in the game (in this sense until you put a name to animals and pets). Changing the User Name Minecraft on all platforms

change the username in Minecraft on all platforms

the first thing you need to know to answer the initial question of how to change the user name in Minecraft all platforms ?, is that this process is completely free . The company in charge of the game will not charge anything for it, since it is a right of each player (you can even change the name for one account several times, whether you came to update Minecraft to the latest version, or accounts with a of the first).

to accomplish this, you have to go to the page created by the specific company to this process which is Mojang Account (you only have to place it in the search and will appear).

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once you’re there, you will see displayed a green box rectangular called «Register an account» , press it if you do not have an account Mojang even in the case that if you have hit « Login «.

Regardless of what you do, you will be asked to put your email and password, do it. A going into notice that a screen appears with your user information and a list of games that have purchased from Mojang.

In this section an option called show « Profile » and below your name with the word « Change » to the side, press change (it is a link). This will take you to another page where you can enter your new username, do it and then give it to the orange button that is on your side to see if it is available.

If the name can be used, then the page will give you a confirmation and ask you to enter your password to confirm your identity, do it and then press « change «.

Rules to take into account rename

with the above ‘ve already been able to change the username in Minecraft on all platforms. The change has been made to your account, so no matter what version of the game have, and have that name on it. You will now see the rules you have to consider before changing your nickname. The first of these is that the new nickname must be available.

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Minecraft does not allow duplicate names , so if the page indicates that your name is not available unfortunately have to choose a different or edit you wanted. The second rule is that you must wait 30 days to return to change the name, so try everything goes well and do not put anything stupid.

As a rule number three, you can use the spelling as you like, with uppercase and lowercase placed as will please without any limiting , but the name can not be as long, nor can wear different colors (can only put colored letters to the name of your server in Minecraft)

Finally you must know that in the event that your account is blocked or excluded from a server, changing the user name will not affect this condition, so do not get saved of your punishment. < / p>

and ready, now you know everything you need to change the username on Minecraft on all platforms, so doubt about it already should have dissipated. Go to your game and let the fun begin .

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