How to change the pictures and put pictures Minecraft Custom? (Example)

Minecraft is a game that is consistent with the it was found in the world. As this lets you customize everything (you can even make or create a skin). Why it is the appointment today to teach you a new level of customization answering the question How to change the pictures of Minecraft and put pictures custom?

If you do not You know, for quite a few updates the game allows you to put a different picture to those who come preset. The funny thing is that this can be up to a picture , as you will create literally. This adds a world of possibilities for decoration. Obviously to achieve the steps that let you do that, you must update Minecraft to the latest version. Changing Tables Minecraft and put pictures Custom

How to make a picture in Minecraft?

to answer the question How to change the pictures of Minecraft and put custom paintings? first you have to know how to make a frame or box in Minecraft. This is one of the easiest items to make the game and only need: Eight wooden sticks and a wool of any color (this color will not affect the paint)

Bats can create them to the harvest timber , refine it, and then placing two in a build table vertically, and killing sheep wool or esquilándolas with scissors. When you already have both have to place in a specific way on the table Building that is. Wool around the center and the eight surrounding it sticks

pictures in minecraft

you already have your picture (only give you one if you want more repeats the process), you place him wear it in your hand and press the action button.

Change boxes Minecraft and put pictures custom < / h2>

Now that you know make your pictures quickly and easily, it’s time to answer the initial question of how to change the boxes and put pictures custom Minecraft? If you want to achieve this there are several ways you can follow depending on the version you have, so you now have two examples of how to do the process.

To make the first, you have to go to your Windows startup and open the box to run within the places% appdata%. This will take you to the section folders on your PC, there select «.minecraft» . Inside this folder now choose « Versions » and choose the version of the game you want to add the giving picture right click and then pressing the «Open with Winrar» button.

once you are inside the section, find the folder that has the name « Assets «, then « Textures » and finally « Paintings «. In this you will find a PNG file which you draw from there and place on your desk. This file is the one that must be modified to have your custom paint, you’ll notice that in him leaving the paintings of the game and some purple frames.

The must edit do it yourself with any editing program like Painting or Photoshop. All you have to do is replace the images of tables and replace them with your own. At the end returns to paste the image into the folder and ready.

 pictures with faces in minecraft

you’ll have to try several pictures in the game until you find the one you want, but this should not take no time.

Second way to achieve the goal

to finish answering the question How to change the pictures of Minecraft and put pictures custom ?, you have to learn how to perform the other process.

First go back to % AppData% in there looking for the «Roaming» folder (if you do not find directly search for it by name in the search bar). Being inside roaming stand above the «Minecraft.jar» and unzip with Winrar.

Now you will multiple folders, open it is called « Art < / strong> «, here open a file named » Kz.png « bring them out to your desktop. This file will be the same as above with paintings and pictures purple, edit it as you like with any image editor (Look what the best alternative to Adobre Photoshop or paint, if you want to use a better editor) and again put it in the folder . Then only test the game by placing boxes and ready.

Note that there’s also one other mod you can customize the pictures, however it is better to do it like this raised here, but if you want Minecraft mods install Windows 10 PC, MAC, Android and iPhone, you know you can do it.

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