How To carrots or carrot seeds Minecraft (Example)

Have you ever wondered what things can grow in a garden of Minecraft? Generally users seeds grown for food; Therefore, the following will learn guide how to get carrots or carrot seeds Minecraft , an element that provides substantial advantages in survival mode of Minecraft. How To Carrots or seeds carrot Minecraft

How to carrots or carrot seeds Minecraft

There are two specific methods with which we can get carrots in Minecraft , the first one is to find villages and biomes in Minecraft and the second is through the zombies. Read carefully the following information to learn more detail about the process of obtaining carrots in Minecraft.

Get carrots or seeds in the villages of Minecraft

Undoubtedly the Way easy to find carrots in the Minecraft, it is heading to the villages, and villagers often plant this popular vegetable. If so, all you have to do is go to the planting carrots and get them directly.

You’ll recognize very easily carrots as they tend to be located in extensive orchards. Even, you can make an automatic orchard in Minecraft. Since not all orchards that are in the villages of Minecraft have this culture, it is useful to know other ways to get carrots in the video game

 carrot seeds minecraft


Many people do not know, but it is possible to obtain carrots directly from the zombies. Indeed, zombies usually have fruits, vegetables and other items, such as carrots.

For a carrot of a zombie, you will need to remove it, in any case, it should be noted that the likely to get a carrot are very low . and still commonly user Minecraft, will encounter many zombies along their games, why it is not worth noting this usually unknown data.

turn zombies also loaded potatoes, wheat and many other elements that might be useful as you venture into the world of Minecraft.

What can we do with carrots and seeds in Minecraft?

carrots will have various utilities within the Minecraft, in fact, it is characterized by an element multiple functionalities . The following are some of the things you can do with carrots in Minecraft:

Plant them

Without a doubt one of the points most prominent carrots in Minecraft, is that we sow as to the various elements in the game. To make this option necessary will have a cropland appropriate, a process that can be done very easily.

you can prepare the land for planting carrots using the «hoe» or «hoeing» that will serve specifically to prepare any piece of land for cultivation. In turn, it will be necessary to create water channels and locate plantings in bright places. In this regard, you can opt to plant automatically farmland in Minecraft.

The seeding process simple, one time have properly prepared the ground, only it raises carrots and wait until it grows. Significantly, it is also possible to grow faster this fruit using bone powder.

 Get Minecraft carrot


Undoubtedly, the main purpose of the carrots is its usefulness as food, which is especially useful in the Minecraft survival mode.

your character can eat carrots without any treatment, ie in its raw or natural state. But also can make rabbit stew , which undoubtedly will provide an improvement to completely eat it raw.

Other uses of carrot in Minecraft

The carrot It has many uses, one of the most popular use on a fishing rod. Indeed you can use a carrot as bait at the time of fishing, which will increase the chances of getting fish.

In turn, it should be noted that there is a variant of carrots , known as golden carrot , which is obtained combining eight gold nuggets with a carrot. This element is useful for taming horses and donkeys and can also be used for breeding rabbits and even to create potions like the night view.

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