How to build or create great things or difficult in Minecraft? (Example)

Blue Sword

When we give an interesting style to our world, awakens interest in the great things or difficult in Minecraft, will explain how to do a couple of them. Know that some things are not necessarily difficult to do, however, may craftearse easy but how difficult is the combination of .

Another tool construction having Minecraft and will be very interesting is the ability to build curves and make spheres and circles, with this you can do more interesting buildings. How to build or create great things or difficult in Minecraft

How easy is to do great things or difficult in Minecraft?

Well, often the curiosity of some users leave us excellent elements that we use in our world without any problems, following just a few steps.

Create giant things is a visual game, you need to «disappear» some elements to make things look giant, something quite striking. Moreover, difficult recipes for blocks or objects, may be the product of interest and moments of trial and error in spectacular this game.

The giant objects are perhaps the easiest to do or at the least, the way you explain later makes it quite easy and even fun . In the case of difficult things, maybe, get some elements is a bit tricky and some blocks or creations, may be useless.

How to create great things in Minecraft?

as in this tutorial will tell you how to get things big or difficult in Minecraft, let’s start with the big ones, which can be quite interesting. First, know that to make it work this tutorial, you’ll need a block command to place on the site where the object will be.

 sky and turf

The command of these blocks is » / give (your nick) minecraft: command_block (number block) «, this will leave blocks in your inventory. Take a block away and colócale on the site where you want to be the giant object.

You see open the command block and paste the following «/ Summon Giant ~ ~ ~ -4 {Equipment : [{id: 276}, {id:}, {id:}, {id:}, {id:}], ActiveEffects: [{Id: 1 Amplifier:, Duration:}, {Id: 2 Amplifier : 1 Duration: 1000000}, {Id: 11 Amplifier:, Duration:}, {Id: 14 Amplifier: 1 Duration: 1000000},]} «

This will create a giant zombie invisible head with an item in his hand, being visible only the item to the Paste command, clears tables in the spaces.

If you do not delete them, the zombie will be visible , if you want to have a giant head in your world zombie, it is also quite interesante.En case you want to change the item in this case is an iron sword, you can modify the command where it says «id: 267». and place the id of another

you can also make changing the «267» by the English name of the elemen to note that spaces are represented by underscore « _ «. So, you must place as «id: diamont_sword». to view a diamond sword, you can place any item in inventory, buckets, torches, plants and more

Not only limit yourself to make architectures large in Minecraft, have fun also making your own modern home.

How do some difficult things in Minecraft?

It’s time to talk a little about the difficult, crafting in Minecraft is fun, learn to do things from scratch by combining elements.

But sometimes, we know all the basics and want something more, we will explain how to make two difficult crafteos and very good results . Something great for large or difficult things in Minecraft.


the first will be a cake, you need a table crafting, milk, wheat, eggs and sugar, although the ingredients are easy, the hard part of this crafting is how they go. In the first line, put three glasses of milk, the second line is sugar, egg, sugar, and in the last line, place three times wheat to completing this, you’ll have a cake . < / p>

for the second crafting, a rabbit stew , need, cooked rabbit, boiled potatoes, a wooden bowl, a fungus and a carrot.

Minecraft game can create your own garden or farm where to get the ingredients or materials to craft what you need. For example carrots, can find the seeds and grow them yourself.

Ubícales as follows in the table Crafting, on the first line in the center, the rabbit, the second, the order is carrot, potato, mushroom, the third center is the bowl. An excellent experience to do great things or difficult in Minecraft.

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