How to back up my Worlds Minecraft Realms and restore them on another PC

Minecraft is a game which was developed in 2008 by the video game company Mojang. They had the idea of ​​ create a game with simplistic graphics , which will make note of the other games of the time they were looking for a path of hyperrealism, in addition to its gameplay was one which I was totally forgotten in the world of video games.

it is important to know that Minecraft is a game type Survival , in which your character will have a certain amount of needs that have to meet in order to achieve the objectives of the game

in minecraft, these systems needs your player will be divided into 2:. Points of Life and Food . In Minecraft can host of activities, which can range from hunting dragons to plow the land and create your own cropping systems.

The bar food foods that are available fills consuming the play. These are both plant and animal origin so the user has the free will to kill animals or harvesting vegetables. It is important to note that cows can be used not only to eat, but also can be used to create leather armor.

The main objective that has the game is that the player complete all challenges or mILESTONES that has the game. These range from the most basic actions such as cutting wood to achievements too complicated, like killing the dragon ender.

It is important to note that you can download Minecraft for mobile phones, however, where the game was originally released was on the pCs. This is because it is easier to encode than video game consoles the time when the game was released for the popular market. You can learn how to download minecraft PC quickly and easily.

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What is Minecraft Realms?

it is important to note that Minecraft is a game that Online has capabilities , so you can connect to the internet and play with your friends in worlds and custom servers, which have specific Seeds which allow the player to have very different experiences to the normal version of the game. We recommend that players know what the best seeds Minecraft.

Realms is a service that allows users to create servers quickly , without having any knowledge of development server or internet support equipment. This is because Mojang takes approximately 8 Euros a month so you can access a single space on their servers, and it allows you to create servers with friends and family easily.

What requirements have Minecraft Realms?

Although you do not have an original copy of Minecraft, this option will still appear available in the list of servers. this is because Realms requires verify your account, so that you can get an account of Minecraft Premium, which allows you to download the game from the official website anytime you want.

Also, Realms requires you to be connected constant and permanent way to your internet. this Internet must also meet certain requirements to be able to have a stable connection to the servers. Persons wishing to try the service free so you can always do and they have a Minecraft Premium account and have not used the month free trial of the game

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back up my worlds Minecraft Realms

it is important to know that Minecraft Realms updated and saved backup your virtual worlds immediately just enter or exit from the server. These backups can be accessed by choosing the option from the menu that says World Realms backups. In this section, you can download backups of your world and distribute them to other computers.

Still, many require people ways that their worlds are kept safely if things happen that the owner does not want to happen. if you wish to avoid this, we must change the gameplay a minigame in the Realm we want to prevent change. When we do this, a backup is created. When you remove the minigame, the world returns to its original state.

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