How Minecraft Update to Latest Version in Spanish? – Step by step (Example)

Minecraft Game

Wondering How to update Minecraft the latest version in Spanish? – Step by step, through the following link to show you what the process to update Minecraft and likewise also learn how to download it if you do not have it yet Minecraft is probably the most popular game among children (and not so young) currently is with that surely will spend great time playing very funny, reason enough to create an account Minecraft Prémium and play with your friends. Minecraft Upgrading to Latest version in Spanish? – Step by Step

The truth is that the application is constantly updated, so in case you have problems, we have prepared this tutorial to learn how to properly update

What is Minecraft and. how to download?

Minecraft is one of the most important games of recent years. Is a game suitable for all ages that entertains children and adults alike. Undoubtedly it is one of the great revolutions in the world of video games of the last decade.

In Minecraft can find and get gold and other minerals, develop your skills building and much more, making it a game survival fun.

It is characterized by « square Style » as colorful and unique and no doubt this game will have a great time with your friends. Still, first must purchase and download it, something you can do as follows.

Download Minecraft

  1. To download Minecraft first thing to do is go to the website officer of the game, to which can be accessed through the following link Minecraft download.
  2. Locate the «Get Minecraft» and press on it.
  3. will display a screen where they are all devices compatible with Minecraft, among which are the PC platform, mobile devices, consoles and even platforms such as Amazon Fire or Oculus.
  4. in this case we are interested in the «computer» option so click about her. Supported operating systems are shown with Minecraft, which in this case are PC (Windows), Mac (Mac OS) and Linux. Select that platform that interests you, in our case it would be PC
  5. On the next screen the available options will be displayed for Minecraft download, among which are Minecraft. JAVA EDITION and MINECRAFT: Windows 10 Edition. Choose one that you see fit, but we recommend the version of Windows 10.
  6. On the next screen you must choose the collection you want for your game, and this way and can get Minecraft directly from your website .

    once you’ve downloaded, it is essential to know certain things to play. For example how to use the left hand or secondary Minecraft is an important thing that you must master.

    Minecraft How to upgrade to the latest version in Spanish? – Step by step

    The truth is that Minecraft updates should automatically be , why should not worry about being aware of a new version. In any case, if you notice your Minecraft is not updated constantly, then you should try the following method:

    1. In the case of Windows 10, it is possible to update Minecraft directly from the store microsoft. For this reason the first thing you should do is open the Microsoft store application.
    2. At the top right of the screen, just to the side of your user icon find three points oriented horizontally, press on them .
    3. Now click on the «Downloads & updates» option in this the «Get updates» option will be displayed.
    4. After performing the above procedure, Microsoft Windows will notice all those applications requiring update. For Minecraft be one of them, the upgrade process should start automatically.

      Minecraft Java

      Another thing you could try the case your Minecraft is not updated in the Java version, run the Launcher, and check if the side of the «Play» button the «Latest version» appears. If so, just you need to press on this section, so Minecraft will be automatically updated.

      Once you have updated the version of Minecraft, you can start playing. If new is very important to know see the coordinates in Minecraft to know where it is, something that often leads to problems in the novice and Realize always have updated the game.

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