How Minecraft Update on Windows 10? – Step by step instructions

Restarting LAPTOP

Update Minecraft on Windows 10 does not have to be a impossible for anyone, in fact, it is fairly simple process if you follow the steps correctly. Updates of this game in version 10 of Windows should be done automatically , even if your case is not no problem because you can do it manually.

update your game will bring many improvements that will make your experience in Minecraft a fun adventure and challenging some of those improvements are to install maps and worlds in Minecraft world and be able to download the best Mods of the game. update Minecraft in Windows 10 – step by step instructions

Steps to update Minecraft in Windows 10

there’s nothing like being able to enjoy your games and favorite applications in its latest version, a situation the Windows 10 often resolve on their own.

But if you’re stuck in an old presentation of Minecraft because your PC does not automatically acuatizado, no matter, specifically follow these steps and quickly Achieve it. However, before you begin, you should know that this I procedure may also install the most recent of the other programs available on your computer versions.

Returning to the guide, you must first open the «Start» of your Windows and perform a quick search of the «Microsoft Store» as this is where the action will realize. After you open the store will have to click on the icon «More information» or three points that are located on the top right of the window in question.

Thus will emerge a small menu of options, you must choose the first one that says «Downloads and updates» to be update window and show you the available updates.


you have paused here, as you will two ways to proceed , the first is to locate the item «Minecraft for Windows 10» and press the arrow down to be on the side right.

While the second option is to choose the «Get updates» button. C on what you can update Minecraft in Windows 10 along with the other existing programs.

Issues that may prevent your Minecraft for Windows 10 is updated

There are some situations that may occur on your Windows 10 device that can prevent automatically update the Minecraft . And affect you when looking for the latest version.

So if you’re having problems for upgrade, you should take a look at these items, so you can come up with the solution and is the best thing sconces in this order you will see.

Updates available for Windows

Check for newer versions for Windows you use is important, why you should enter the «Start» and access the «Settings» of the system.

then you have to go to «Updating and security» to click on «Windows update», last this paragraph can search for available updates and install must, not forget to reboot your device after.

Repairs on the Microsoft Store

After the previous step must repair the Windows Store. So proceed to press the key logo of the system by the letter «R» to pop the «Run» window or «Run».

COLOR STORE < p> In the same will be required to write the «wsreset» as it as you read it and just where it says «Open» then you have to press «Enter «.

Other commands

If after having performed the first two steps have not resolved the problem and you can not view or update Minecraft in Windows 10, it is recommended . you do the following

In the same «Run» you’ve already opened by «Win + R » must paste this specific command: < strong> powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -register $ Env. SystemRoot Winstore AppxManifest.XML

Support for Microsoft

This is another way to solve the problems related to impairment update Minecraft on Windows 10, avail yourself of the proper support from the company and ask about what you can do to fix it is an excellent idea.

in fact, you’ll be able to compare the procedure you’ve done and realize if you skipped a step or if your case is exceptional and needs another methodology. < / p>

a’ve ever updated version of Minecraft on your personal computer, we recommend creating a direct link on the desktop to access the game quickly.

Another improvement you can do to Minecraft your game works is better to assign more space in RAM.

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