How Do You Know Where You died in Minecraft? – Coordinate your Last Death

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Knowing the exact location where you dead in Minecraft is one of the things that must be wondering throughout your stay in the game.

Since to die, all the things you had in inventory are thrown in the exact place where they were laid low , and remain there for a while before disappearing forever. Then, knowing the place of the usually event become more than necessary, especially if you do not have a place to rest, so you appear randomly on the map How To Know Where You died in Minecraft -. Coordinate your last Death

Servers installed plugins

This game is not only great for the amount of size that has the map also has a huge community and many, many servers. People who have dedicated their lives to the game, have created realms with many utilities, plugins and extensions that provide facilities to users.

That said, some have the ability to let you know where you died in Minecraft or rather, return to the place where you died from a fall, monster, hungry, poisoning or any other reason.

This is accomplished by installing an extension that allows users to travel to the location of his death, opening the command console and placing the shortcut «/ back».


Find a way to know where you died in Minecraft is simply difficult, but there are ways to track the place so you can find it more easily.

to do this, you must create many torches and have some blocks available , regardless of the whatever kind, even if they have a striking color, much better.


The method consists of joining more than 6 blocks, one above another, and filling the latter with torches, then, you must create many of these online, leaving a trail of them behind you. Thus, you’ll lead you to these and get your things after dead have for any reason, although it is not recommended if you get too far from home.

It is a method very recommended if you have a fixed point of rebirth, and if you go to a relatively close fixed place home, but you can use it freely if you want to explore.

Keep your inventory instead of being thrown where you died in Minecraft

Although this method can not tell you or take you to the last whereabouts of your death, can be very useful because, the biggest concern of perishing in the game is losing your stuff.

therefore, this method may seem an alternative more than enough for the issue of the location of your inventory, as not have to worry to look again .

in addition, if what killed you was an overwhelming horde of monsters, it is best that you avoid the danger and stay quiet at home with your entire inventory. So it can take effect in the game, it is important to activate the ability to place commands in the game, which is achieved from the creation menu item alone.

So, within the game, you must open the console or dialog box with « T » and write the following code. «/ gamerule keepInventory true»

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As you can appreciate reading this shortcut, what it does is change a rule of the game by default, which prevents your inventory stay with you once you pass away. Or rather, it is a rule that is not active, since it is one of the aspects that identify the survival mode .

A the turn, there will be no need to know where you died in Minecraft, or having to face any creature you’ve killed first, keeping your integrity intact.

Although, if you feel that the experience of the game is not the same, you can still back to disable this attribute, placing on the console: «/ gamerule keepInventory false»

in this game you can be useful to download Mods for. any version of your game.

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