How do All Minecraft Potions? – Definitive Guide Minecraft Potions

Potions en Minecraft they are a very complex area crafting and deserves knowledge and experience to know each prescription and use. This causes not a simple and friendly task because in the game there is nothing like the indicated. If you do not want to waste more time and resources trying to learn to do all potions Minecraft How To All Potions Minecraft -. Definitive Guide Potions Minecraft

The ingredients for potions are achieved in different ways and they are very varied. On the other hand, others remain constant because they generate modifiers in potions. If you really want to have potions it is recommended that you update Minecraft to the latest version before proceeding and of course buy the original title.

Recipes for all potions Minecraft positive effect

to start do all the potions in Minecraft necessary placed inside the distiller fuel in your mailbox, then the bottles with water in the three boxes below and finally the ingredient in the top box.

potion strength

to potion force is needed first distill Nether wart and after completion must be distilled powder Blaze thereon bottles.

to increase its duration is necessary to distil Redstone thereon which generate force Extended . Instead, to increase their power must be carried out the same process with powder luminous stone creating Force II.

Potion Regeneration

In the case of this potion is Nether Wart necessary to distill and then perform the same procedure with a Ghast Tear. If you want to increase the duration Redstone must be distilled and if desired boost should do the same, but with stone dust Luminosa.

 table potions

speed potion

This potion is quite simple because only Nether Wart is necessary to distill and sugar . You can also increase the duration or power to the respective components mentioned in the above cases.

healing potion

Being the most used, the healing potion is classified as instant potion so you can not extend your time. To create it will need a Wart Nether and Sandia Gleaming, then distill it and if you want to enhance apply Fillers Luminosa.

Resistance Potion fire

This potion is created with the use of a Wart Nether and Eye Spider likewise can be enhanced in duration and effect.

potion night vision

the potion vision in the dark is done with a carrot Dorada plus Wart Nether, this can be enhanced in two ways.

invisibility Potion

to create this potion only is needed with an eye to corrupt Spider fermented a potion night vision. It’s great!

Potion super jump

The potion super jump is created with a rabbit’s foot and Wart Nether. This can be extended in duration and strength of the jump.

potion slow fall

the potion slow fall requires the use of a membrane Ghost and Wart Abyss , note that can not be enhanced in any way.

potion water breathing

This potion allows breathing under water and is created with a Blowfish more Wart of the Abyss. Only time can extend not its strength.

 throwing potions in minecraft

Recipes for all potions negative effect Minecraft

potions negative effect are those that serve mainly to fight monsters or other players in the world.

Potion of Slowness

This potion is useful to combat invocadores monsters and to perform necessary distill on a speed potion eye fermented spider generate corruption. Another way is under the distillation Nether wart leg rabbit eye fermented spider.

Potion damage

To manufacture potion only damage you need to apply an eye fermented spider to a healing potion and if you want to promote you can use the powder luminous stone.

potion Venero

the poison potion requires distillation of a Wart Nether and Spider Eye , note that this should not be fermented. This potion if you can extend its life and power.

With the latter you know how all the potions are made, so to expand your information searches as well as making a cauldron in Minecraft, which will help you make potions.

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