How can I promote or advertise my Minecraft Server (Example)

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In today’s article we will see < strong> I can how to promote or advertise my minecraft server in an extremely so simple and above all in a few steps to the same as transferring worlds, maps and games Minecraft Wii U Nintendo Switch. I promote or advertise my Minecraft Server

there are many sites that give to know our server, it is certainly difficult to start one. Not only because we must make ourselves known, another important factor is trust.

Nobody wants to start playing server that soon ceased to exist. Therefore, it is important that you have a lot of patience, you know that players will be coming slowly to such making or crafting a panel or sunlight sensor in Minecraft and thus Over time you’ll ever more people enjoying your server .

so let’s look at the different methods available to us to advertise my minecraft server. As you will see a little further down, it is actually quite simple.

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How to promote my minecraft server

then we will see a list of sites where you can promote your server Minecraft for free. This we can do for free and is quite simple.


PlanetMinecraft is a simple site, but one of the most complete of the whole community. Not only you have the possibility of Share your Minecraft server . But it can also do the same with your maps and different creations for interesting this game.

Minecraft Server List

This is a site quite simple, but in turn very complete where you can find hundreds of servers. Best of all, you can add yours for free without any kind of problem.

You can also add a banner, choose all game modes and plugins with which you count on your own server and many other things that make Minecraft Server List becomes very interesting and convenient.


This is a kind of top server, it is quite easy to add yours. You can add different details and unique features that make your server. You can also upload a banner to highlight more . MinecraftServers is an excellent choice to promote your server.

Take advantage of communities

While we all agree that Taringa is no longer what it was. We can not deny that follows maintaining a fairly significant traffic. Therefore, promote your server in their communities is not a bad idea.

What we recommend to you is look for them. There are exclusive communities for this game servers, so all you have to do is just find them through your browser.

 tower of a castle in minecraft

How to show my Minecraft server


this is a site quite simple, since the only function is to share servers Minecraft. therefore, simply adding yours and will be part of this website.

Facebook groups

An excellent idea is to use Facebook groups that so many people can embrace. You can search all groups of Minecraft you want , here the idea is to publish a post with details on the server.

Try not to make so much spam that the social network can penalize you for this . However, it would be advisable to begin to participate in the group as a member would not be ideal to promote your server passes and do not participate anymore. Since thus the same administrators can remove yourself from the group.

But as can be observed, promote a Minecraft server is not at all complicated . We have a wide variety of websites where we advertise our own server.

If you still remain some sort of doubt can leave a comment a little further down and are happy to help you out whatever is needed. If you need, you can consult other issues such as risk of downloading a launcher Minecraft no premium for PC.

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