How can I have 4K Minecraft – Super Minecraft (Example)

minecraft world

Minecraft is a game where all its elements are cube-shaped or block, meaning that you can change and customize the pictures. Therefore, materials, characters, animals and plants have a boxy look and pixelated. However, it is possible to improve the graphic detail of Minecraft to a stunning high definition 4K, but for that we need several things . How can I have Minecraft 4K – Super Minecraft

what is the first thing you need to have Minecraft 4K

A computer with the processing power necessary to create shadow effects and lighting of our vision. For the specific case of a Minecraft with a photo-realistic appearance, need to have a processor in our PC at the least eight cores, 3200 Mhz, 32 GB of RAM, and a good nVidia or Gigabyte of 8 GB or more .

What should I download to have it in 4K

need to download 5 files 4 websites different: a mod specifically designed to dramatically improve graphics by a shader, another mod which includes a package of textures in HD, the classic mod Optifine to support these textures and have Minecraft Forge version 1.14.4 or higher.

download minecraft forge

4 web addresses, < strong> 2 of them are paid : first Ultimate Immersion is a mod and also a pack of textures in HD, which has plans ranging from $ 8 – $ 50 (the maximum resolution quality varies the plan), and second shader Sonic Ether, which will give the touch realistic textures HD plans ranging from $ 10 – $ 25

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¿Cómo can have a 4K Minecraft?

First to locate this file downloaded Forge in the download folder and do double-click the icon to open the installation window and then click the «OK» button to perform and culminate the process

 Unlike interface hd 4k minecraft

We address bar addresses of any browser window or we press the Windows + R keys to open the «Run» and put «% AppData%» window does not take folders d You ata applications you have on your computer; including access to the «.minecraft»

Go to the folder «shaderpacks» and paste the shader file Seus PTGi folder (the Sonic Ether).; then up a level and you enter the «resourcepacks» folder, where wilt thou file textures Ultimate Immersion.

We go back up a level and locate the «mods» folder (if there is no need to create ), once inside it, put the two files we are : the Optifine mod, mod and Ultimate Immersion for modern interiors can download different mods in Minecraft; in the case last this that comes in ZIP format, we must unpack to get the file Java JAR extension.

Running Minecraft

Open the Minecraft and press the button «Facilities «where we will see the version of Forge, click on the additional options button (…) and go to» Edit «. Now in «JVM arguments» let’s start where it says «-Xmx2G-» and replace it with «-Xmx14G-» and store; with this assign 14 GB of RAM to play .

At the start Minecraft will see in the lower left side, the message with «3 mods loaded» indicating that they were loaded correctly ( Minecraft, Forge and Ultimate immersion); we go to «Options> Graphics> Shaders», select «Seus PTGi» and click «OK».

Let’s «Options> Packet resources» and move the mod Ultimate Immersion from the «packages in the folder» option to «use Package»; This one drove to first place to have the highest hierarchy, and store.

Come to «Options> Video settings» , and «Details» option «alternative Blocks «» No «, the» trees «in» fast «. We went up a level and go to «Quality». In «Natural Textures» put «No». Back to the «Shaders» option. Mark «Shadow Quality» in «1X» and «old light» on «Default».

In conclusion, a 4K Super Minecraft is an option only for fans. Who want to indulge seeing a different side of this game. L graphics quality is really shocking , but yes, doing some expenses.

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