How can I become easily Ghost in Minecraft? (Example)

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We often think of how to make a little more fun our experience Minecraft therefore we explain how to become a ghost in Minecraft. A method fairly simple and can give you enough fun, you just need to count on some items and ready, can scare anyone you want. How can I become Ghost in Minecraft Easily

How to become a ghost in Minecraft?

Among the simple ways of becoming a ghost you are able to consume a potion that lets you become invisible . To do this, you craftearla, the recipe is based on adding an eye spider in fermentation, a potion, night vision. In taking this potion your character will be invisible to the least two minutes, place you items above as clothing or weapons.

In this way your character will be seen only by that element not be invisible, you’ll scare many with a head or a weapon that «floats». There is another method that can be quite interesting, when you’re playing, you can use the «/ godmode» that allows you to play you without losing life.

Although it does not make you a ghost, it’s like if you were, almost nothing can hurt you in this game mode, for example, you can walk on lava and being underwater without oxygen. Even though many have tried no way to turn your character into a ghost like those of the game itself, is until now, impossible .

What is a ghost in Minecraft?

In Minecraft there for almost two creatures who respond to this name, ghost or phantom and Ghast , both creatures are dangerous for players.

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The second option to be a ghost, in which we discussed the «/ godmode» is the one that can make a way, feel like a Ghast. This creature can pass into the lava and not die, even if it can catch fire, it is advisable not to get too close to them.

On the other hand, a creature completely different are the Ghosts and Phantoms , which they are creatures of the night and are regarded as birds of prey. These can kill a person in minutes and is very difficult to fight them.

Why do we like to be a ghost in Minecraft?

Believe it or not, Minecraft can reach the point of immense generate ourself curiosities therefore always it is fun to have a new trick. Becoming ghost can be great to scare some friends or give an interesting touch to our game, you can even prevent attacks.

That is why it is so fun and acclaimed the possibility of being a ghost is that who like a good scare them out to friends while having fun a little. In Minecraft there are many things that could be discovered in ghost mode, play if risk of losing life, find the depth of lakes and many more.

The only annoying to play with some methods or ghost mods , is that they tend to generate that you can not access some websites, such as the End or the Nether

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Being a problem during the game, but this does not detract from the thrill of playing without burning or in some cases, achieve discover elements of great interest .

Although there is no specific way to becoming a ghost in Minecraft. The methods you have explained can be of great help to have some fun.

Remember that each method has its risks, do not play sloppily , because some things can hurt even when you’re invisible. Finally, we hope this article will be of great help, try our methods and delve into some of the mysteries of Minecraft. Have fun in lots with spectacular this game.

In Minecraft can be whatever you want and create anything you can think of. From domesticate animals such as pigs, dogs, cats or taming something so amazing and rare as a dragon. Whatever pet you have you know that you can give it any name you want.

If you play from your PC you can find the problem that game stop working or may be slower if this is if you recommend increasing your RAM to Minecraft to better work.

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