How can a school or college in Minecraft? – Very easy! (Example)

minecraft logo made of stones

Minecraft is one of the best games created in the industry. This is due to the great freedom that gave its users to explore and build of 0 in a world full of life. Literally in this title can do whatever, so You will learn to make a school or college in Minecraft. How to Make a School or College in Minecraft Very Easy!

And there’s nothing more fun than give unleash to the imagination world created just to build as you please. If you’re new and you think this is not true, because they are pure cubes, then it’s time you learned a few tricks easier that they allow you to create a striking structure.

Make a school or college in Minecraft

The first thing to consider is that today learn basics (tips). Because construction is a matter of each person and depends on how imaginative you can be.

In order to make a school or college in Minecraft you have to choose the materials indicated. Because for example if you do all stone, it will seem more like a prison than anything else

Such materials may be. Wood (can be any color, but the most recommended light brown), plus also glass or glass , stone, and concrete.

the collection is simple, because they are basic materials and can obtain basic tools of wood or stone, the wood get from Trees s only to place it on a workbench the tables again.

herobrine in minecraft game

the stone is achieved biting (if you want to give a fine touch can pass through the oven to return its original state not broken). The glass is obtained by melting sand in any oven.

And the last concrete (which is the most complicated), you have to create joining four gravel four of sand and any dye on a desk, in the following position:

the four corners of sand, the gravel in the remaining boxes (ie in the middle of the sand) and the dye in the medium. This will give the concrete dust that the contact with water will become solid, I can use it to decorate.

Now that you know you need materials for make a school or college in Minecraft , it is time to move on to the tips of basic construction.

construction of a school

the first thing to do is place a boot block, which marked the starting point and central to your structure, then walks to the least 20 steps on each side of said hub to mark the width of your building.

then put foundations to start putting blocks up creating the walls (which are 10 high). These can be white concrete to give it a modern twist. Culminated creating walls proceeds to break in the places you want to go the windows and place.

 library Minecraft game

Then put the wooden floor and ceiling (to match, and given case they want the school to be more story leaves a gap where the stairs to go up). So that the roof is not flat wooden stairs create and place them on the edges down and then go into a triangle towards the center.

It also uses these same steps to create banks of students. Yaprovecha pictures to create a board that must go to the end of one of the walls (in that part will not glass). The tables can also make them with stairs (places two to the reverse one in front of the other and will be the perfect way).

Finally, place bookstores various parts of the hall supported by the walls to look like book libraries learning (if you know how to do or crafting one look for it library).

and with that ready, and the rest is your imagination . But with this you can say you know how to make a school or college in Minecraft, even as a beginner. So you can move on to other projects like building a bridge of stone or wood, or build or create large and difficult things that challenge your imagination.

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