How and Where to Get or Get Loyalty and what makes Minecraft

Hechiza a trident Minecraft

Loyalty is one of the < strong> incantations latest Minecraft. However, it is very popular and all players are looking for ways to get it. If you do not know what I’m talking about read on to know what it does and how to get it. How and Where to Get or Get Loyalty in Minecraft and what makes

What does the enchantment of loyalty in Minecraft?

This new spell is available from editing Java 1.13 , where an aquatic update is included. Loyalty became very popular in a very short time and you just have to love a trident.

You can throw a trident and back to you like a boomerang after being released. While the enchantment level has, the greater the speed with which you turn.

We can throw against an object or entity after being hit their target, return to your hand. The coolest thing of all is that the spell can be added to any trident of the game.

A point against enchantment loyalty is incompatible with aquatic propulsion. After knowing what to do, to want sure know how to have it.

How to get loyalty?

To make the spell of loyalty not need many items in your inventory. A trident, several lapis lazuli and an enchanted book.

Create book of incantations

  • Enters Enchant
  • Add menu a book < li> Then place three lapis

    get loyalty Minecraft

    Enchant trident

    • once you have everything you need to go to the table incantations
    • Opens the
    • Place the trident and the book of incantations
    • Choose Loyalty option list

      Now we just have to wait finishes and test your new trident. If you do not have clear how to find materials enchantment will explain it briefly.

      Finding a trident and lapis


      Known as a type of perfect weapon for fighting the distance to release it as a projectile or used in the melee. Although it is a rare item that can get through a drowned .

      The mods drowned often drop tridents as rewards , but there is a low probability it happens. Each drowned drop can reach up to two tridents.

      Only drowned generated naturally given as tridents reward. But in the Bedrock version you can also be obtained from a converted zombie. Another way to get it is from the ground when it has been taken by a player and is not happy.

      As a weapon has a durability of 250 and is a Renewable weapon . A hitting a player or decremented by 1 Mobs durability.

      A player can repulse the attack of a trident with a shield. Are widely used types of Water fights , since no restrains the plunge into the water. To expand your may be able to use several incantations:

      Where can I find a trident in Minecraft

      • aquatic Propulsion
      • tear resistance
      • Repair
      • Channeling
      • curse disappearance
      • Impalement
      • Drilling
      • Loyalty


        This material was obtained to the sting a block of lapis with a peak stone tool or stronger. Is considered a primary color and can be used without the need to melt the ore.

        The lapis is as rare as diamonds. But usually more difficult to locate . After passing the 17 level will be a little more common to run into this material. Have a lapis lazuli nine blocks. Besides used to charm a trident is used to:

        • dye wool and has a blue
        • Paint a blue sheep for a greater amount of wool. that if you paint directly.
        • Lapis Lazuli blocks are stored for use in construction. a block is nine units powder.
        • is used for various spells.

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