Finding my house in Minecraft What to do if you get lost in Minecraft?

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The world of Minecraft is immense . It is impossible for a person to fully explore the biomes that exist in Minecraft. So it is reasonable for any lost, especially in its early days. If that’s the case, today we explain how to find your house in Minecraft and what to do if you get lost. How to find my house in Minecraft? What to do if you get lost in Minecraft?

Navigation principles

As the world of Minecraft is so large and varied, the only way to find your home is having a strong sense of Orientation . If you do not, here we show a few basic principles of the game to help you locate yourself.

point generation

When you enter a world first, the game puts you at a point of the map. This point is the origin of the map , and is where you appear when you die if you do not have a bed. When sleep for the first time in a bed, every time you die you will appear close to it, but your point of generation is always the same. Where you appeared for the first time

Most players create their first shelter near the point of generation, and then build a wooden house near the first refuge. So if you find your point of generation, you’ll be very close to home. This is especially useful if you are far away

While there is no function to find your house, your point of generation you can easily find need only make a compass..; since the compass needle always points generation point.

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Now, compasses require a rare mineral called Redstone, so if you’re in your early days, can be a bit difficult to get a compass to locate you. In these cases, you can use your coordinates. If you do not know what they are, read on.


The coordinates is a very important concept in the game. At all times, your character has a set of coordinates indicating where is, in the version of PC and Mac can see it pressing ‘F3’. This button opens the debug menu where you will see «XYZ». And discuss how you read those numbers.

In the version of Windows 10 you have to activate an option in the menu to see the world coordinates. Consoles or other platforms is better to look for a tutorial.

In the previous section we talked about the point of generation. This concept is important for the concept of coordinates, since coordinates 0,0, or origin of the coordinates, will be your point of generation or near it.

The coordinate X indicates your distance to the East of the origin, the coordinate Z indicates your distance to the South of the source. Numbers measured in blocks. For example, if I’m at the point 0.0 and move 10 blocks to the south and 20 blocks to the east, my coordinates would be X: 20 Z:. 10

The coordinate and indicates your altitude, but she it is not important when navigating. X and Z coordinates can have negative values ​​ when you’re north or west of the source.

If you know your coordinates, you automatically know you are from the source so far, and also in what direction. In addition, it is useful record the exact coordinates of your home or your shelter so you can navigate back to them easily

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natural Guides

the sun and the moon They rise in the east and hide in the west; and clouds always float to the west. You can use this data to see which direction you go.


You may want to build your home away from point of generation. To avoid losing, it is useful create a trail of some object do not give in nature to lead the way to your house.

Objects in the distance < p> to avoid losing, we recommend putting large markers such huge towers ground covers torches or campfires covering a perimeter, since the floating smoke and seen from afar.

There are many other useful concepts for navigation we can not cover, like maps, so we invite you venture. And do not worry if you can not find your house if you’re in your early days, it may be better to create another. Do not let anything stop you!

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