Finding Desert and Desert Temple in Minecraft

Desert in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game with lots of variety. There you can navigate from oceans as a pirate, so you can explore jungles style of Indiana Jones. Today we show one of these styles of play: how to find desert and a temple of the desert in Minecraft Finding Desert and Temple of the Desert in Minecraft

What are the deserts. in Minecraft?

deserts in Minecraft are quite similar to those of real life. Are biomes filled with sand, treeless and with very little water.

This biome is very hostile towards the players, monsters like Husks attacking at night, and as it is a very flat biome is difficult to escape from any threat. In addition, the lack of trees and animals makes it difficult to build and get food, and lack of water makes it difficult to move.

The only animals that inhabit the deserts of Minecraft are the rabbits and the water appears only if the desert has a very low altitude. Therefore, before moving to a desert is vital bring enough resources , and wooden tools and food.

But all is not bad in this biome. As is fairly flat, many structures are generated as Video Looters, Temples Desert, Fossils, and Villages

 find desert in Minecraft

the Villages are the only place in the desert where you can find cows, pigs, cats, sheep and villagers. Therefore, survival in the wilderness depends on you find villages enough.

How to find a desert and a temple of the desert?

Find biomes in Minecraft can be difficult as the game does not offer you any guidance. However, there are several methods to find deserts, which show below:


This is the method most fun to find deserts, because it involves exploring. To find a desert, or any other biome, simply take a horse and run until you find it. Or ride a boat and sail to see a desert.

However, to have more chance of finding a desert, it is useful to know where is generated. Deserts usually appear near other biomes hot , as savannahs, plateaux and Oceans Warm. Read some maps is also useful when exploring.

Using tricks

There is a command that allows you to locate any biome in the game. However, this single command is available in version 1.16 of the Java edition of the game. The command is «/ locatebiome » . To use this command to locate a desert, replacing «id of the biome» with the word «desert».

If you did it correctly, the game will show coordinates. Simply travel to those coordinates to get to the desert. You can view your current coordinates by pressing the «F3» key.

You can also use the command «/ tp XYZ» replacing «X «» Y «and» Z «by the three numbers showed you the game using the above command. If these commands fail, it may be that your world does not have cheats enabled, or the administrator of the world do not have granted permission.

An external application

There are external applications that you allow to find biomes seed entering the world. In this article we recommend ChunkBase. Simply enter the seed your world and select the biome you want to find

 temple of the desert

» X «and» Z «you enter the coordinates where you are, where is your home or at a reference point to know where you are, and from there you can browse until you find a desert. You can zoom or zoom out to find the desert closer to your position

If you do not know the seed of your world, you can figure it out using the command «/ seed» .; This can command use even gimmicks whether or not muted permission mindful of the administrator.

Temples of the desert

The three tricks up also work you to get temples of the desert. You just have to change some things to make it work for you. If you find a desert, searching the structure of the temple, which is like a giant pyramid.

Use earth or stone towers to look from above. Use the command «/ locate desert_pyramid» to find pyramids. Or use Chunkbase, navigating to the «Apps» tab and clicking on «Desert Temple»

With these tricks, and can get deserts and temples in the desert easily in your world. Then you need to learn how to create a base. Always remember to bring enough food and armor.

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