Faithful 64×64 Texture Pack / Resource Pack

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Faithful 64×64 Texture Pack.

Everyone who loves playing Minecraft with Faithful 64×64 Resource Pack. The game has gone through a whirlwind of change and it has moved a long way from the rudimentary cubic blocks to a wholesome interactive environment with a wide variety of blocks and items. There are plenty of texture packs on offer to make huge changes to the Minecraft realm. Many people love to stick on the default Minecraft textures and do not want to change the entire look of the Minecraft world.

It is for players like these that Faithful 64×64 texture pack is on offer. All the basic elements of the classic Minecraft game are maintained in the pack. This pack offers the blocks and items in the Minecraft game to have more clarity and detailing than its low resolution default items. The blocks and items in the pack only add more life and zing to the existing default textures. The textures are not graphically rich and well defined like what you see in some of the popular HD texture packs. The Faithful 64×64 concentrated on offering more performance to the players.

Why choose Faithful 64×64?

The 64x Faithful tincture pack packs a punch when it comes to the design part. It has loads of features that will help in softening the look of your Minecraft world. It will stick more or less to the default textures and only make the gameplay smoother. The higher 64×64 resolution has made a change in the way the blocks and textures look with better artwork and realistic looks. It does not take away any of the interesting and important factors of the default Minecraft game. The responsiveness, performance and the handling of the game is also improved when you use this texture pack. The 64×64 Faithful pack is based on the 32×32 pack as well as the default Minecraft textures, but you will get the textures in HD resolution. The unique feel and look of the Minecraft game is preserved in this higher resolution texture pack as well.

Key attractions

  • The veteran users of the Minecraft game will find that the texture pack offers great detailing even in the simple and common textures of the game.
  • The wooden planks in the game get a woody and grainy look to it. It looks like it is an actual wood.
  • The diamonds now look more realistic with facets and also a 3D effect.
  • There is detailing given to the cake item as well. When you are holding the cake in your hand, you will find it to be circular and round in shape. Once you place it on the surface, it looks like a square one.
  • A 32x32px version is avaible.
  • There are plenty of icons, stone blocks and items for you to choose from and you can easily construct some of the most attractive houses or buildings with the textures on offer.

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