EvenTime Texture Pack

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use EvenTime Texture Pack.

There are many texture packs on offer in Minecraft game. But, none will be as exotic and attractive like the evenTime texture pack. This new version pack is created by the evenTime team. It will take you to a totally different Minecraft world where there a whole lot of blocks, textures and attractive visuals that will be pleasing to your eyes. The texture pack is very unique as you will get to see never before seen blocks and textures. Even though evenTime texture pack has been around for some time now, the new version is what is grabbing the attention of Minecraft players. The main reason is its exotic features.

What does it offer?

The texture pack of evenTime looks really stunning and you can build amazing buildings using this pack. Building gorgeous and breathtaking architecture is very easy now.
It will also help you to play and enjoy a full survival texture pack, which was missing in the earlier version. People playing the game can enjoy the best of worlds, the classic pack with great visuals of erstwhile monuments and the modern day buildings. This pack runs on 32x resolution. You can use this pack to construct some of the most attractive towers, houses or villages that other players and friends feel envious about.

6 reasons why you should play with EvenTime

  1. The materials have gone through a whirlwind change and now they look realistic.
  2. EvenTime Pack will get the experience of an old Minecraft world when you use the pack and with the realistic look of most of the things, you will enjoy playing the game even more now.
  3. Materials used are now colorful land brighter.
  4. This is a package that will help players not good at creating buildings to come out with buildings that are out of the world without much effort.
  5. Weapons, tools and the armor come with upgraded features to help you with your tasks.
  6. The armor sets have attractive texture features that will make your Minecraft character look like a real warrior.

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