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Minecraft, the popular game creation and adventure Microsoft, and originally created by Markus Persson with his Swedish company Mojang, has the multiplayer option, offering users the ability to play between groups, either through a server or network Local.

the multiplayer option was added in version 0.1.0, and updated in version 0.11.0, honing some technical details to improve the user experience. That’s why we all want the best version to play Minecraft.

A time to play on a local network, one player must create the server, and the others join him to meet the objective, which can vary between creative mode or survival mode. Entering and Play Build Battle in Minecraft with Friends

One of the most popular in fans, is Build Battle, translated to the Spanish ‘Battle of Creations’ , where players must prove their skills when creating scenarios, recreating scenes or mythological forms with a set time, and at the end, all players can qualify each building as Super Poop (the worst rating) or Legendary.

It is also possible to play between groups, called ‘ Team Build Battle ‘ where next to your friends, will have to perform more complex constructions with a limited amount of tiem po, putting the order of the day best gamer skills.

There are some servers that can access once your account in Minecraft has been activated and will allow you to enjoy this game mode with your friends . Before, you know that it is not possible to enter these servers if you have a version pirate Minecraft and immediately will be banned

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Public Servants

a server is the platform that allows users to access online game modes, giving it the ability to play against other players or against the computer, and you can access them with just your Minecraft account; depending on the features of your computer, you can even create a server .

It is advisable to have some knowledge about computers before launching the task of being the moderators of a server, as well to have a team at the least 2 more GB of RAM, meanwhile, can enjoy the multiple existing servers.

There are several types of game for these servers, highlighting each for their characteristics from those that allow survive us hostile creatures, kill other players, or the creation type, where we put limit our speed and imagination when, for example, a roof lava us fall over. < / p>

Just as there are multiple features in the gameplay, there are also multiple types of maps to enjoy each from plans and simple maps to maps of marine features, corpora cavernosa and one stimulating games role among users, which are landscaped.

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servers recommended to play Build Battle

There are some servers that can give you the chance to compete creatively with others, alone or accompanied, and one of Hypixel them is the server, which can join just by typing the name in the list of favorite servers; it should be noted that this possibility is available for Windows and Mac .

This server has multiple popular games among users of Minecraft, like the original SkyWars, or funny BedWars, and obviously Build Battle. the address of this server is mc.hypixel.net, and adding it to the list of multiplayer servers can access it.

Another server recommended to enjoy this experience is Cubecraft , where just follow the steps above to join him and begin to unleash your imagination to meet the challenges you propose in the time limit on one condition: can not vote for yourself when judging.

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