Download and install Minecraft for Android and iOS Totally Free

Install Minecraft for Android

Minecraft has become one of the most popular games of all time and last but not least you can play from your mobile phone. Learn how to download the Minecraft install Android or iOS.

those who do not know Minecraft is a construction game open world . Created by the founder of the company Mojang, Markus Persson. Is available since 2009 and since then is the favorite in this mode. How to Download and Install Minecraft for Android and iOS Totally Free

Minecraft Pocket Edition or Bedrock

Minecraft Bedrock or formerly known as Pocket Edition it is the reduced version of the popular PC game. The proposal is the same one that has been adapted for mobile devices.

It remains an open world game where the goal is to collect items, take inventory and build an unlimited number of objects. All you need to run this version is a mobile phone connected to the Internet .

 Minecraft World

has a survival mode , where you have to fight to avoid being eliminated by monsters or creature from the game. Do not worry because you can build everything you need to survive.

A the same as the PC version is presented as a game optimized and effective in the mobile version. As for the graphics remain the same and with a very good performance. In addition, you touch the controls to play are made to generate comfort playing.

How to download to install Minecraft for Android and iOS

The mobile version Android is available in the Play Store and iOS in the App Store. To play the official version you have to initially pay $ 7.99. There are other apps in the store as the MOD-MASTER , mod Maker for Minecraft and buildings in Minecraft that are free.

There is also a version called Classic Minecraft for PC, in where you can play in survivor mode the original version of Minecraft.

download and install Minecraft

  • Enter the store play Store or App Store and download the application.
  • After downloading automatically starts installing the application.
  • At the end you can open the application from the icon on the home screen or box applications.
  • playing for the first time entering data from your Microsoft account. (Username and password).

    You can now start enjoying the game from mobile. You will see that it is very intuitive and easy to use. It is presented as a faithful version to the desktop, although you may notice slight differences.

     Download and install Minecraft

    Advantages of the mobile version of Minecraft

    you can have your favorite mobile game to play as and whenever you want without limitations. Minecraft Bedrock is presented as a possibility improve your skills while you kill free time between traffic, long breaks travel.

    • As you progress through the game can discover new maps within the community.
    • Get new packs of unique textures.
    • a the same as the PC version will have available the function of giving objects and change the time and day.
    • Invokes creatures without limitations.
    • Get ons to customize and new packs of resources for free.
    • Enter a multiplayer mode with up to four friends, if you have a free Xbox Live account online. Offers massively multiplayer mode, where they can access thousands.
    • Now Realms offers a multiplayer version where you have the chance to play with 10 friends. Is available with a trial period of 30 days within the.
    • Participate application MiniGames and visit social centers to make new friends within the platform.

      the mobile version of Minecraft the limit you put it. The application receives frequent updates so you’ll always be able to enjoy the day and new features that are added with each update.

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