Cyborg pvp texture pack

You will see this clear rendering on all items. The swords are almost all monochrome. However, the wooden sword, for example, has a nice wood grain. The stone sword is gray, but gets darker towards the shaft. The diamond sword was designed the strongest with some lines and decorations.

However, this doesn’t mean that animations have been completely omitted. When it comes to fire, you can look forward to a highlight. In other Minecraft texture packs, smoke is often represented in certain particles. Here it is different. You’ll see fine wisps of smoke drifting into the air when you start a fire. Also, the bow changes color depending on the strength of the tension. Likewise, the healing potions glow in a variety of colors between blue, pink and purple.

The design of the sky was mainly modified via different celestial bodies and phenomena. Especially the moon and the night sky images know how to convince.

How to install the Texture Pack?

  1. Download the Cyborg PvP Resource Pack
  2. Press the Windows key and enter %appdata%.
  3. Open the .minecraft folder
  4. Copy the downloaded file into the resourcepacks folder
    Have fun and enjoy the new look!

Download Cyborg PvP Texture Pack

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