Cube Survival Map

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Cube Survival Map.

If you are looking for strange and epic maps for the popular game Minecraft, then the Cube survival map is an excellent option. You will have to survive in this cube world and you need to also complete a few challenging tasks that will help in boosting your survival. You can download this cube survival for free online. The concept of this map is quite simple. There are a total of seven sets of cube biomes and each one will be having hidden chests in them. Unlocking these chests will offer you many goodies apart from 2 obsidian blocks. These are the blocks that you need to use to build the portal that can be used to visit the hell and destroy the “Book of the Damned”. The difficulty levels in each of the cube biome will be different and they are quite dangerous too. You need to be well prepared to tackle the dangers and survive in every cube biome.

The challenges of Cube Survival

The resources offered on the Cube survival map are very few and you need to dig deep in all the cube biomes to find out the hidden chests. This map was designed to be played by a single player. It is ideal that you go exploring each of the cube biome only during the day time and not in night mode as there are plenty of dangers in each level. Some of the interesting challenges that you come across on the cube survival map are:

  • Building a comfortable shelter for you in any of the cubes that you like.
  • Brewing a drink of your choice.
  • Enchanting an item that you like.
  • Finding and owning a full set of diamond armor.
  • Locating and gaining obsidian blocks all by yourself.
  • Building an enchantment table and a brewing stand.
  • The challenge to create a cobblestone generator.
  • Creating a melon, sugar cane and a wheat farm.

New features that make Cube Survival map better

The creator of the Cube survival map, Adam3945, went through the feedback of Minecraft players to come out with unique map to entertain all Minecraft enthusiasts. The new map is better with a host of added features.

  • You can now spawn witches easily.
  • The first cube biome does not contain a pig spawner now and the diamonds are also removed from the first cube.
  • The nether has been given a facelift with the addition of fire and many new spawners. This can be used by the players to spawn more mobs in the nether.
  • There has been the addition of many challenges in the Cube survival map and this has made the game to become a bit harder now.
  • The difficulty level of the second cube has been adjusted to give more thrills and adventure for the avid Minecraft gamers.
  • Some of the emergency supplies have been removed from nether to make this challenge tougher.
  • With all the new challenges and the change log added to the Cube survival map, the game has no doubt become harder but it can still be played.

Download Cube Survival Map

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Cube Survival Map for all versions

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