Cooking and Eating in Minecraft and Minecraft PE Easily

Cooking food in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game in which we can develop to the maximum our creativity, without any limit to stop us. But something needed to get ahead in this survival game , is to get the food that will help us stay alive and energy to do whatever we want. That’s why that, seeing how important this, in this article we show how to cook and eat in Minecraft and Minecraft PE readily . How to Cook and Eat in Minecraft and Minecraft PE Easily < p> With the steps and tips that will give you then will achieve get the food you need at the time , and even more so you can store. You will not regret you read on and discover how to find, cooking and eating food available in Minecraft.

How to cook and eat in Minecraft?

Both in real life and in many game, the have and cook food quality is of great importance for us to lead a full life.

and in this sense, Minecraft and Minecraft PE are no exception. Thanks to the food we eat in the game, we can continue playing with the confidence of having restored much needed points hunger.

Whether you’re playing Minecraft on your computer or console, or if we do well on a mobile device with Minecraft PE, we need to know to cook good food we got and, of course, eat. That is why today we show you how you can accomplish this with simple steps.


As every action in Minecraft, to cook properly you need to follow certain steps specific manner. But before you start, it is worth considering certain things. For example, remember that foods like milk, cake or braised mushrooms, can not «stacks» or stacked in inventory.

Animal Farm in Minecraft

in addition, these foods besides bread, sugar, cookies, apples and golden blocks watermelon, are crafteados on the worktable, unlike most who are cooked in the oven .

If you want to know the creation or crafting of all these foods, we encourage you to visit the many tutorials out there on YouTube, or see the recipe book included worktable.

Another thing to remember, are the types of food you can get. In Minecraft, you can eat meat, which get hunting animals or fishing , you can get apples from trees or grow your food; you can even plant sugar cane. If you want to cook the meat you get, the steps are:

  • First, find or create an oven
  • Open the oven right-clicking on it, or. just press it if you have Minecraft PE.
  • Enter your meat or raw fish on top.
  • in the box below, put charcoal or wood for fire.
  • wait a while for the food to cook, then remove it from the oven.

    that’s it! Once you’ve done all this, now just follow the appropriate steps to eat your food. Then we will show you what you must do to eat in Minecraft easily.

    How to eat in Minecraft and Minecraft PE?

    So far you have already achieved get and cook your food, but you still need to do the most important thing, that is, eat it. To do this, there are certain steps you must follow, which will show you. These are:.

    • Find the food you want to eat and put it into your hand
    • Click the right button on your mouse or the key set have to use objects, or press the screen for a few seconds if you have Minecraft PE.

       Plantar farm food Minecraft

      When you have done this, your hunger bar will go up and you go ahead with your activities . Of course, if you want to make a cake to eat, before you put any block and then take a little. Have enough food, of the most important things to playing Minecraft; so we encourage you to continue research in this area.

      We hope these steps and tips will have been useful, and that you achieve cooking and eating all delicious food you want to Minecraft playing. Anything stop playing like an expert.

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