Combinations, shortcuts and hotkeys with keyboard Minecraft

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Minecraft is a game survival open world with a great and fun gameplay. Do you know this fantastic game !? If so, you will agree with me that there is an endless quick access to keyboard Minecraft we can use. combinations, shortcuts and hotkeys with keyboard Minecraft

Things could be tedious at the start. Especially if you have never played this game , and do not know how to put or add commands in Minecraft. Commands and access keys we will use even for the basics; such as making TP or teleporting in Minecraft.

So, to help you there, in this article we’ll talk a little about shortcut keys in Minecraft and also you teach combinations and useful shortcuts to enjoy to the maximum of this amazing survival game.

hotkeys with Minecraft

keyboard is known as hotkeys, those he pressed perform a special action , display a menu or make within the game a unique combination is made.

in Minecraft there are different hotkeys, is why, then we’ll show you which are some fast access keys and meets function .

ESC , this serves to open the menu of the player. In this menu you can access the game options, properties, statistics, etc. It is also very useful for leave any drop-down menu as chat, inventory, among others.

key F1 , this key we can see the HUD of things. You may wonder What is HUD? The answer is quite simple, the HUD is the shape of things . For example, if we see a poster, the HUD will display the square silhouette of the poster.

key F2 allows automatic capture of the game. Just pressing this key can create an image in png format.

Key F3 allows us to see Overview of the game , for example, version of Minecraft are using, a few FPS is the game, if you are connected to the Internet shows the speed or MS of the game.

key Shift + F3 displays general information of the game, but with built-in graphs . Basically the same function as F3, only contains extra and graphical information.

Key F3 + Q This is the most important key of all because it will be deployed in chat command list that allows us to see what we can do with the F3 key.

 options and features minecraft

F5 key used for change the vision of the player from first person to third person. A pressing this key will help us to see the skin of our character.

combinations and shortcuts

When we speak of combinations in Minecraft, we refer to the use of key and mouse < / strong> for a particular action. So below you will learn the most basic and some advanced.

Right Click of the mouse at the press of a material we can select our inventory. But if we hold the right click and drag the material to the empty spaces, it is divided by half to reach one, eg. 64 Wood 32 Wood 16 Wood

key Shift + Right-click , is used to pull all the same items in inventory. Example, if I have 4 spaces in the inventory of 64 buckets of dirt, I press this combination and the throw on the icon X, the 4 spaces bucket earth disappear.

 options and shortcut keys in minecraft

Another combination vital is as follows; select a material and then open our craftero table. Here we place the material in the center and do right click on the prescription; automatically can see things that are made with that material and position to create it.

Thanks to the rapid access with keyboard on Minecraft is covered. Even we can see the coordinates in Minecraft to know our location. Of course, we sometimes external problems; Maybe we should fix problems with the sound of Minecraft, or have lag, among others. But mostly a no solution.

As you see in this article, there are many keys quick and combinations to do. If you found useful this information, please leave us your comments to know your opinion and share this article with your friends.

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