Minecraft COLOR CODES for:
Chat • Signs • MotD • and more!

This is the best Color Codes list for Minecraft on the planet. I use it every day. UPDATED FOR MINECRAFT 1.11!

So if you want to learn / get all Minecraft color codes, read this article carefully.

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Have you ever wondered how a Minecraft server gets its colorful player messages? They use Minecraft color codes. Using a chat plugin you can make a certain member have a colorful name, a whole group or even for a whole world (over-world, nether and the end). You can use these same color codes on a server’s Message Of The Day (MOTD) and even the title of the server, in the chat or on signs! There are hundred ways to use them.

Notice: A table with all color codes (copyable) is below *scrolldown*

You can use Minecraft color codes to do all sorts of wonderful stuff like; make rainbow text, personalize your server, add color to signs and show your Minecraft friends what rank they are on the server. In order to do all of these things though, you need to know how to do it. While configuring some plugins, you may have to use a ‘&’ symbol before a number or letter in order for it to appear a certain color, but while changing the MOTD what you will want to do is add ‘§’ in front of the chosen color code in order to get the desired color. If you would like your MOTD to be a dark red color, you would place inside of the server file §4 instead of &4.

Not all Minecraft color codes actually include a color, some of the codes will make the text bold, italic, underlined or ever a strike through it. Color codes go from 1-9 and A-F, these text codes go from M-O (Example, if I wanted to make my text bold I would us either &L or §L to do so.) These effects on the text can be combined in order to make something green and bold at the same time as well (§2:§L or &2:&L).

How to use Color Codes in Minecraft?

The color codes do not go in order of the shade, it’s pretty confusing when you’re trying to make the text look like a rainbow but when you finally do get the color codes down, it’s fairly easy. Here is a list of the codes by shade.

Default Color Code MOTD Color Code Color name / Description
§4 \u00A74  «dark_red»
§c \u00A7c «red»
§6 \u00A76 «gold»
§e \u00A7e «yellow»
§2 \u00A72 “dark_green”
§a \u00A7a «green»
§b \u00A7b «aqua»
§3 \u00A73 «dark_aqua»
§1 \u00A71 «dark_blue»
§9 \u00A79 «blue»
§d \u00A7d «light_purple»
§5 \u00A75 «dark_purple»
§f \u00A7f «white»
§7 \u00A77 «gray»
§8 \u00A78 «dark_gray»
§0 \u00A70 «black»
§r \u00A7r “reset” Reset to default color
§l \u00A7l Bold
§o \u00A7o Italic
§r \u00A7n Underline
§r \u00A7m Strike
§r \u00A7k jDAsio[)j9

If the ‘&’ symbols are not working for you, try using ‘§’ instead. You cannot use a ‘§’ symbol while writing messages, so the quick fix is to use a ‘&’ symbol instead.

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