Chroma Hills Texture Pack

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Chroma Hills Texture Pack.

One of the most important things that any Minecraft game lover will be looking for in a texture pack is to give a fresh and bright look to the game. Chroma Hills is a texture pack that stands apart from many of the other texture packs. It makes use of the role playing game elements and instead of giving the game a monstrous and menacing look, it brings in a more colorful and bright look to the game. It takes the RPG elements into a totally different world and hence Minecraft looks more like a comic game. Two different elements are combined into a unique sight that you will not find in any other texture pack. The best part is that the Chroma Hills resource pack is still getting updates to give the Minecraft enthusiasts something new all the time.

More on Chroma Hills Resource Pack

The Chroma Hills texture pack is a cool pack that is created by a unique amalgamation of cartoon, realistic and RPG packs. The texture pack is made in 64×64 and 128×128 resolutions. The blocks and terrains look like real stones with a 3D effect to it. There are a plenty of tools and items on offer in the pack to help you out in your game. All the types of ores on offer in the game like diamonds, emeralds, red stone, lapis, etc., have unique and attractive images. You will find that mining for specific areas will not be a problem at all when you use this pack. All the standard textures of the Minecraft game are changed when you play the game using Chroma Hills. The Minecraft game will look to be a totally different game when you are playing using this texture pack. This pack offers you a better and a new looking art form that will give your game an attractive and new look.

Key features of Chroma Hills Texture Pack

Below a short preview of features Chroma Hills comes with.

  • Chroma Hills texture pack features some animated textures to bring out the comic feeling to the game. Some of them are the torches, blocks and ores along with CTM.
  • The resource pack supports FTB / TEKKIT.
  • Diamond and iron armor looks very attractive with blue color given to the diamond armor. They are made with high detail.
  • CTM is added to the oak, birch, new spruce and jungle planks. All the stained clay colors now come with full CTM edges to make it look more real.
  • The cow’s style with black and white color combination looks attractive and you will get the feeling of using a real cow in the game.
  • There are new 3D blocks added to this pack to offer you 3D effect.
  • Stained glass windows give a really nice look.
  • Some of the added elements in the game include: creeper skull, water splashes, zombie skull, cobwebs, dead bush, and rain and potion effects.

Download Chroma Hills Resource / Texture Pack

Chroma Hills Texture Pack 1.9
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For Minecraft 1.9 Every 1.9 version working!

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