Changing weather Minecraft – Going from day to night, make it rain, etc. (Example)

Change the time Minecraft

One of the things that make Minecraft a game so diverse and interesting is its variety of climates and biomes. Many players love the look that has the game snowing, raining, or when it is night or day. But many are unaware that these states can be changed, How to change the time in Minecraft, go from day to night, make it rain, etc?

The commands in Minecraft are useful ways to change the status of the game without corrupting the game or a file. And no need to use modifiers download files or run optifine complicated. We can introduce them from our world game Minecraft with instant results Changing weather Minecraft -. Going from day to night, make it rain, etc.

Changing time Minecraft

to begin using commands, you must open the chat Minecraft, depending on your version it is activated by pressing «/» or «T» key. This chat mode has different utilities, through it you can communicate with other players or start different game modes . However, you can also enter text codes called commands in it.

Alternating between commands that span the can weather discover many ways to play with him and completely put at our disposal. < p> Change time of day in Minecraft

If you want to automatically make the day just open the text box and write the «/ timesetday» command. But if you want the opposite, ie gets dark, you must do the same with the «/timesetnight».

Sin however, this command does not end here, since it is possible to be even more specific as to the time at which want to move forward or backward. Also, keep in mind that you also know what time in the game if you look at the clock.

If instead of one of these two enter commands those on which read then you can manipulate time specifically. With the «/ timeset18000 ‘command time is automatically set at midnight, and the» / timeset6000 «command will Noon quickly.

Now, if instead of midnight or noon it you want is closer to the early-morning dawn or twilight of dusk, it is also possible. Thanks to the «/ timeset12000» command and «/ timeset0» can accelerate dusk and dawn respectively.

No doubt thanks the commands can overpower your taste time in Minecraft. There are several reasons for doing so, but one of the main reasons for invoking the day is evade enemy of the night . And again, if you want to dedicate yourself to fight for a long time and gain experience, you can invoke the night how many times you need it, but be sure to customize your shield and keep it on hand just in case.

How to make it rain?

the rain very well decorated graphic image and aesthetics of Minecraft, and in turn can be manipulated easily. Placing the «/ weatherrain» command will start to rain quickly, and if you want a clear sky can use «/ weatherclean». With the latter, the weather will begin to clear and clarified.

Change time night in Minecraft

However, if you want chaos, «/ weatherthunder» command will start raining cats and dogs which will be accompanied by thunder .

What other utilities are commands?

with the commands can effectively handle gaming sessions in multiplayer mode, only if you are the host < / strong> of course. You are able to lock and unlock players and decide what is allowed and what is not. For example, you can decide whether a player can do harm to another or not, whether dynamite explode, or if Creepers remove blocks.

You will also have the opportunity to set the play mode how many times want see it necessary (If you’re playing alone). If you want to play creative to make things easier, you can switch to it with the command «/ gamemode1» and check again the survival to «/gamemode0».

También can love your own character with any spell you want. You can research more about enchantments to better manage and better utilize tricks commands.

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