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Are you looking to make use of an amazing build map in Minecraft that gives great attention to the builds? Do you love medieval era buildings that consist of castles, church, market place etc? The most attractive and amazing medieval themed builds that you will come across online to download for Minecraft is the Castle Lividus of Aeritus. This map is created by KC Rat and the creator has promised a regular update and more features for the map when many features are added to the Minecraft.

This medieval kingdom contains a large castle on the inside and a village surrounding the walls. Aeritus is a kingdom that has many castles and Lividus is one of the castles in it. The castle looks attractive and real to the eyes and has its own crest.

There is a courtyard with a water fountain and roads are laid to the villages from the castle. There are streets in the village that have light posts that can be lit up at night. There is a wall surrounding the entire perimeter of the island on which the Lividus castle and the village are built on.

It is not just the castle that attracts the attention of the eye, but the market square, towers, ships, and the gladiator arena all add up to make this map come very close to reality.

Features of the Castle Lividus of Aeritus

There are trading posts seen on the streets of Lividus. This is the place where the merchants sell or buy the goods from the customers.

There are air-balloons seen floating in the sky that advertises the kingdom’s crest.

You will see the docks to be sticking out from the land into the water and this is where the boats are stopped. The cargo gets loaded in the boats at the docks. Apart from these trade ships you will also find warships in the docks that are ready to be dispatched whenever the need arises.

The Lividus castle is the first of the multiple castles to be built in the Aeritus medieval kingdom.

You will find the tree house, a race track and a lighthouse on the outskirts of the Lividus Castle. There is also a Colosseum and a courthouse that is featured in Castle Lividus of Aeritus.

This map is more realistic than any other build maps you will find in Minecraft. It brings new and fresh atmosphere for the gamers and you will be transported to the good old medieval era. Download the Castle Lividus of Aeritus map and take a plunge in the medieval era of castles, docks, warships and gladiator arenas.

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