Build a Minecraft starter house in 7 easy steps!

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use How to build a starter house in Minecraft?.

You are new to Minecraft and want to survive your first night? You should definitely start building a starter house in your minecraft world. It is not hard, just read our instruction carefully.

You are alone. You are new to minecraft. You just installed some minecraft mods. The first night is coming up…it is getting dark and Steve is getting angry. What to do? Build a starter house! I’m going to show you my version of a starter house, of course there are a lot versions of houses for beginnners. After reading the tutorial you find some other inspirations (videos, screenshots and so on).

Let’s get started: Building a starter house step by step!

After following the next 10 steps you know how to build a good house for beginners. It will be looking quite modern, but remember: It is just a starter house.

Materials you need:

  • Wooden Planks: 184
  • Stone Slabs: 64
  • Glass: 9
  • Glass Pane: 9
  • Glowstone: 1
  • Goor: 2

Step 1: Digging

First, you have to dig out a 9×9 flat area. This will be size of your starter house.

Step 2: Filling

Now, after digging, we need to fill out our 9×9 area. We use wooden planks here. After that we add a first layer to our building, of course we leave some space for the door.

Step 3: New layers!

After completing Step 2, we have a good foundation. We are going to add a 2nd and 3rd layer to it now.

Step 4: Windows

You’ve probably wondered about the space in the wall. It is for our windows. Nobody wanna live in a gloomy house 🙂 So we start filling the open area with some glass panes…don’t care about the glass color.

Step 5: Roof!

We start building the roof in Step 5 by simply placing stone slabs around our starter house.

Step 6: Again new layers!

We do the same as in step 6, but one layer above. You can use a dirt block to start building; makes it a lot easier.

Step 7: Finishing the roof of our starter house!

Finish off the roof by adding another layer of wooden planks, afterwards fill out the free area with some glass. You can put a glowstone block in the center of the roof, you don’t need to put ugly torches in the house than.

Another cool guides for building a beginner house:

A YouTuber called “ScreenHorror” shows you how to build a starter home. The video is very long, what means that the video is pretty detailed – good for beginners. Another good point is, that the house is different than our one.

Keralis, a famous YouTuber also made quite a good tutorial for how to build a simple starter house. If you do not like the previous ones, take a look at it.

I hope this tutorials helped you building your first house. Pleave leave some feedback in the comment section, you can also ask questions if you have problems.

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