BiblioCraft Mod

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use BiblioCraft Mod.

Storing all the items properly in the stacks will help in keeping most of the items in an organized manner. What started as a mere way to store and stack books in the Minecraft game has now grown to offer neat storage for a wide variety of items. This is what BiblioCraft mod is all about. This is a special storage mod that will offer everything that organized gaming enthusiasts are looking for. It started as a shelf to place added books and was designed to make it look pleasing and to display the books in a neat manner. It only dawned upon the creature that many other items apart from books can be placed in storage blocks to make it look organized. This made the creator to come out with six other types of blocks.

The different blocks

The first storage block is of course the book case. It can hold any kind of books apart from the basic books. It is also used to hold maps. The interesting feature about the book storage bock is that all the wood can be easily interchanged with the vanilla wood.

Another interesting storage block is the armor stand that can hold all kinds of armors. It has four slots and will display the armor slots on the right side of the interface.

The display case is the next storage block offered by BiblioCraft mod. You can stack any single item up to the stack. They can be placed on the floor or fixed on the wall. Opening the door is easy through the ‘shift+right’ click option. You just need to right click on it to place the item on the shelf. It is important for the door to be opened to place the items. This recipe can use any kind of wood that includes green, red, black, blue or vanilla wood.

There is a potion storage block in the mod that has three shelves that can hold up to four potions.

The tool rack can hold up to 4 weapons or tools and can be easily used without needing to open the GUI. The rack is offered in six different vanilla woods and adds color to the game.

The map frame is an ideal storage shelf to hold the maps. They can be placed on the floor or on the ceiling and you can also rotate the maps placed in them.

The desk is a very interesting mod as it can hold up to 9 books. It provides the player to read and edit one book. You can open a few books from the other mod on this desk. The vanilla written books will be maintained in its page when it is placed on the desk. Connecting the desks to one another will help in creating larger desks. The desks are offered in 6 kinds of vanilla woods.

Add light and attractiveness to the game world using the Fancy lantern block. It comes in gold and iron with candles offered in 16 colors. The lantern can emit a maximum light level of 15. It can be placed on the ceiling, floor or the wall and you can opt for any variation you want.

Download BiblioCraft Mod

To download the mod for free, visit this link

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