Backpack Mod

In this article we are going to tell you, where to download, how to install and how to use Backpack Mod.

Anyone playing Minecraft might have come across a situation where they would have fallen short of inventory or storage space. This is a problem that most players might witness in Minecraft and the easiest solution to this is to use the Backpacks mod. It gives the players the option to craft and create backpacks and to carry the backpacks. These backpacks have ample of space to accommodate the player’s inventory and more. The number of items and inventory that the player can carry increases significantly. A player can thus carry anything and everything in his backpack.

Get more inventory space

With the Backpacks mod, a player can craft backpacks of various sizes. This will help in improving the inventory storage and management. These crafted backpacks can be stored in the inventory or can even be carried by the characters in the chest armor slot. The regular backpacks can be used to store about 27 items. The big sized backpacks can store 57 items. You have the option of changing the color of the backpacks using dyes when crafting the packs. This mod not only offers you the option to craft backpacks to increase inventory space, but allows you to craft big workbench backpack so that you can use a crafting table anywhere.

Features of the Backpacks mod

The following are some of the attractive features offered by the Backpacks mod that will drive you to download and install this mod and improve your inventory storage space.

One of the most useful items you need when playing the Minecraft game is the backpack. As you need more space to store your items, the Backpacks mod is a very useful mod and this will help you carry out your resource collection or mining for a longer time as you have loads of storage space.

Download Backpack Mod

The download links below are safe. We always try to make sure that there are no viruses or malware in the Backpack Mod download links. Also we know that Minecraft players always want to donwload the newest version, that is why we keep our download links up to date.

Backpack Mod for all versions

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