7 Reasons why Minecraft SUCKS!

Let it be known we love Minecraft – it is a great game. Maybe the best we have ever played. But there

11 7 reasons why Minecraft sucks. You wanna know them? Just read this article…with a bit of sarcasm.

  1. Minecraft graphics are done lazy. Programmer are not good in creating graphics. Why don’t hire a fucking designer? Well at least there are quite sexy Minecraft Texture Packs.
  2. Fanbase: The Fanbase is annoying large. Hackers on Minigame Servers like Hive and Griefers on the old school citybuild servers.
  3. Boring: The Game is boring by iteself. If there would not be so many Minecrat Servers nobody would play Minecraft.
  4. Lags: If you don’t wanna play Minecraft with its ugly graphic you have to use the GLSL Shader Mod. If you don’t have a gamer pc you can’t use it…. You could use Optifine to improve your FPS.
  5. Realms are shit: Yes, you heard right. Realms are shit. They are expensive and you can not do anything with them, expect playing Minecraft.
  6. No Tutorial: Everyone starts playing Minecraft once and beginners have no idea how to craft something.
  7. Full of kids: Do you wanna go to Harvard? => No, I want to go to Minecraft college!

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